Squall (dudeofopinion) wrote,

Quick post (long one probably coming soon)

Having a wild time of things.

I'm in this place again, wondering if what I'm trying to do in business is just far too incongruent with who I really am. I'm wondering if I'll really make an impact blogging about micro-hacks. Well... actually, what I'm wondering is if that's where I'll make the MOST impact. Maybe I should be doing something in gaming? Like G4, but actually about games and a good show about games.

Heh... G4 is the MTV of gaming channels now.

I know this... I have GOT to focus on one thing. And that's the commitment that's keeping me on target with my current blog. I've got the blueprint, I just need to follow it. I'd be an ass if I didn't.

We'll see what happens. I need to focus and get my ass in gear.
So much work to do.

(PS- Sam, I know you're reading. Yes, I am that smart. :p )
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