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I remembered a funny story. There was a girl, Donna, who lived upstairs (also my friend's GF) who drove me insane. I never met anyone so married to their misery and I couldn't stand to be around her. She was like a horrible pit of despair.

But the funny story is back when I first started talking to Crystal, we were to meet for a (second) date. I was chilling with Lynn (I should definitely write an entry about her) upstairs and joking about whether I should be fashionably late or not. Then Donna chimes in, something to the effect of, "if I ever have a date with a guy he should never be late."
I had to try SO hard not to bust out laughing. I still smiled and chuckled a little bit, but I was ready to die. Cause see... this girl wanted me and I wanted nothing to do with her or anyone like her. And for her to give me dating advice just blew my mind.
All I wanted to do was laugh in her face and tell her that if I ever wanted someone like her, I'd be sure to keep that in mind.

To this day (it was about 3 months ago) that still amuses the crap out of me. I don't know if it was because she was stupid for advising me, or because her advice was stupid, or the insanity for her to think I'd even want her advice or the insane narcissism for her to assume I'd ever want someone like her. Or maybe all of it. But it was just funny as HELL!
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