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A letter to Bonnie

So last week I started chatting with Bonnie about taking primary custody of Link. His schedule has been a mess and obviously horribly stressful on him. I ASSUMED she would be in LOVE with the idea of having Link home with her and (she didn't know this), collecting a very generous child support payment from me. She chose today as when she wanted to get together and I agreed.

She's nowhere to be found.
I'm really spinning my brain thinking, "WHAT THE FUCK!?"
If I'd been given an opportunity like this I would've went balls to the wall wild jumping at it.

To my mind, this is a HUGE glaring example of why she has no business taking care of him. My son deserves a parent. This is just pathetic.
Anyway... here's the email I sent her in response:

I never heard back from you on the last email, though I did get the invite for Connor's party, so I thank you for that.
I'm very disappointed though. Today was the day you chose to talk about a custody agreement to put Link in YOUR care, and you disappeared. I got no email, no text or phone call (I realize your phone is off, but you could have borrowed one like last time or used a public phone). So I had no inkling of any time or place you might prefer and no way to directly contact you. I came by the house THREE TIMES, and stopped by at your job, hoping to find you in some obvious location. Obviously, that didn't work out.
You SERIOUSLY blew it. I am wracking my brain, wondering what in the world could POSSIBLY have been so important that you would not have cleared your schedule today for something like this. How am I to believe that you want to be responsible for our son? How am I to believe (after this and several other instances) that HE will be top priority in your life and not whatever other frivolous interests come up.
And really... maybe you had a legit emergency, but how much effort would it have been to email me to let me know!? I'm telling you, this is not the behavior I'm hoping for if you're to be the parent of primary residence.

You know where I live, you know my phone number, you know my email. However you want to manage it, if you can get in touch with me tonight, this doesn't have to be a lost cause. But as of right now... so far as I can tell and in my opinion, your priorities are SERIOUSLY whacked out."
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