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This is not good....

This is bad.
This is really bad.

I feel hate...
Like... real hate. I see women and they just disgust me today.
I sure hope that subsides. I don't want to harbor those sorts of feelings in my heart.
I don't need women in my life right now, but I don't want to hate anybody. Especially an entire group of people, but right now... I'm really just disgusted.

I'm kind of scared by this realization actually.

My zen has been disturbed.
I need to get back to love and peace.

This isn't just about Crystal either. She was just the last straw. I've been disposed of by many women now, but it's just happened too many times in the last two years I guess. I'm...
I think I'm past a breaking point.

I know some of this is anger, so this feeling won't last long, I just hope it goes away completely when I'm over it. Or at least completely enough so that the sight of women doesn't disturb me.
It's really not good...
Then again... maybe I need this. It's about time that things were about me for a change.

"So convenient a thing is it to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do." Ben Franklin
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