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After a little sleep

I slept off some of my anger, but all the disappointment is still there. I've still not fully given up just yet, but I'm VERY close. I want to fight it. I want to be with Crystal and not go down this road, but if that's just not possible, you can believe I will.

She really was my last ditch effort. This unique personality type that I calculated as having the best remaining chance of being able to see what I am and what it's worth.

I just can't justify doing this anymore. A clear pattern has emerged and I can't change that. And I'm not willing to go through this anymore.
It's borderline abuse!

But that's the thing. That's the trend. Nice people are abused and assholes are revered. Who could ever want to be a nice guy in a world like that? I mean... if you're sane? Cause really all it takes to be an ass is a good degree of selfishness. And how hard can it honestly be to be selfish?
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